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benefits of the Mahkota Dewa

After knowing the plants savor this one, you may be interested menanamnya. Medicinal plants of the world is now coming of "newcomers" the rather great. Crown of the gods name.

He can make light of it kind of itchy-itchy, stiff-stiff, or flu, to a disease such as cancer and serious diabetes, healing experience. Knowing savor this one plant, you may be interested menanamnya. How does not. Plants that have this remarkable property. He can heal the disruption of health mock up to the expectations have not nearly recovered. If the charge stiff-stiff, two hours a day will disappear


Wow, that's a task that can also dibereskan in two hours a day. Diabetes will also subdued in recent months.

What about cancer?

Although the monthly take, this plant is able to point melawannya blood efflux. Most are not based on empirical experience of many people, including the feel healed from heart disease in the organ or the heart, hypertension, rheumatism, muscle and acid. To mengolahnya drugs are so very easy. But with menyeduh "racik tea" made from fruit skin and flesh, body shell of the fruit, or leaves, the natural medicine is also ready to use. If you wish enggak pahitnya sense, we can be a little more digging into mengolahnya herb IM. It is by the more tasteful without reducing property. That is the crown of the god (Phaleria macrocarpa). Plants that they say comes from the mainland of Papua in Central Java and Yogyakarta dijuluki makuto dewo, makuto rojo, or makuto queen. Banten people call the king of drugs, because khasiatnya can cure various diseases. Meanwhile, people from ethnic Chinese which means that it pau drugs inheritance.

From allergies to cancer

Some people may have just seen, some do not even hear his name once. Reasonable when during this very few people know the crown of the gods. Moreover khasiatnya. In fact, in many research institutions that deal with plants, nutritious medicine research results have not been found. Until now, at least, the new dr. Regina Sumastuti from Farmakologi Department, Gadjah Mada University, who has menelitinya. Is still limited to the testing of the effects antihistamin or antialergi. In fact, the palace of Yogyakarta and Solo has long been known and treat it as a medicinal plant. Luckily, after a long time the benefits of this extraordinary leak to the general public.

Now, as if the plant is down from the sky as the "savior gods" sick people. Many of the testimony of those who have been feeling khasiatnya. In medicine Pusaka Mahkota Dewa Dewa The paper Harmanto Ning, chairman of harmony Women's Lily Flower Farm, which menekuni treatment with the crown of the gods, there are 26 people who recognize keampuhannya or written successfully recover from the illness to the crown of the gods. Among them is Ariestyani Winata Tuti, who after the lifting operation in the womb cyst, the condition of the body go down. Body lean, stomach bulge, such as being pregnant, old, fingers up his leg, the blood pressure rose-down, and Hb is very low. Some doctors give a diagnosis dikunjunginya different. Mendiagnosisnya who have suffered liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, and there are also claims that he suffered from chronic hepatitis. Never have the certainty of the disease dideritanya, advice on Ning, Tuti finally mengonsumsi water stew meat fruit crown of the gods. After six months, Tuti feel healed and the body condition improved again. Tuti addition, Diana is domiciled in Jakarta says it was successfully recovered from breast cancer in right after the operation two more times to clean the cancer in the left breast.

Anna Winata in Bogor and Bekasi in Retno also feel sick from the healthy return to the womb cancer crown of the gods. Ny. Parlan was successful in Balikpapan normal blood sugar plants, owing to this drug.

There are many more examples of the success of the other. Unfortunately, that does not work is never revealed, so that it can not be known what is not be able to plant fruit is red light.

During this crown leaves and fruit of the gods used the Indonesian people, especially in Java, as the drug skin disease, itching, itching, and eczema. The disease is marked by symptoms of itchy-itchy, the sign of the allergic agent that encourages body cells histamin issue.

Concerning the ability of this skin disease Sumastuti already membuktikannya. From the in vitro studies using guinea pig small intestine, it is known, the true leaves and fruit of the gods crown antihistamin have any effect. This means that plants can be scientifically the use of drugs as itch-itch due to insect bites or bristle worm, eczema, and other diseases due to allergy.

Other research we are still waiting to prove the extraordinary property that felt like some people above. However, the story of mouth appears to have made people, especially the weight and pain in general almost dropped out of hope, trust. Thus, people also began to roll in search of nutritious crown of the gods.

Some try menanamnya in the house yard. In fact, there is the view "outbreak" as this business opportunity to membudidayakan and mengolahnya a product or a traditional herb medicine herbal medicine with a variety of forms.

Made "tea"

Planting crown of the god is not difficult things. Plants, which can live both on the altitude of 10 - 1000 m dpl., It can be planted from seed or cangkokan results.

Although penanamannya can in a pot or directly in soil, growth will be better when planted in the ground. Plants from seed are usually bear fruit at the age of 10 - 12 months. Originating from cangkokan, it should bear fruit more quickly.

This is the fruit of the most widely used as natural medicines, in addition to leaf and stem. From the third part, which is the fruit skin and flesh, body shell (seed coconut shell), and seeds, which are generally the fruit skin and flesh and cangkangnya. Young fruit is green and the old bright red.

"Savor the young and old is the same," said Ning. Unfortunately, what compound in the parts of the fruit, are still not revealed in detail. Cuma, Hutapea et al. (1999), as quoted Sumastuti, states, in the leaves and fruit skin are makuto dewo and flavonoid compound saponin, which each have an effect antialergi and antihistamin.

Ning to write, in a fresh, fruit skin and flesh of the gods feel young crown sepet-sepet bitter. While the old-sepet sepet sweetish. If eaten fresh, will cause swelling in the mouth, sariawan, drunk, and even poisoned. What is the cause, not yet known with certainty. Therefore, it is not recommended for mengonsumsinya in fresh condition.

Cangkangnya have sepet-sepet taste bitter, more bitter and the meat from the skin of the fruit. This section is also not recommended to be consumed directly because it can lead to drunkenness, dizziness, even fainting. However, once processed, the more effective rather than skin and flesh of the fruit. It can treat many types of disease breast cancer, uterus cancer, lung disease, and liver cirrhosis.

There are reasons why the seed is not consumed crown of the gods. "Bijinya very toxic. If mengunyahnya, we can vomiting and tongue numb, "added Ning. Therefore, this section is used as medicine for external skin disease.

Certainly, to make pulp or cangkangnya as drugs, need processing first. Can be used as dried fruit, tea racik, herb or IM. However, that is often done with making the tea and herb racik IM.

The other drugs that can be used as a stem and leaves. According to Ning in the book, the gods crown stem empirical can treat bone cancer. While the leaves can cure weak orgasm, dysentery, allergy, and tumor. Way is to use the leaves and boil the kettle.

Do not be surprised. Once the crown of the gods drink ingredients, we immediately felt the attack of drowsiness. This effect is normal. Other effect is drunk. To eliminate this effect it is recommended to drink more water. For consumption, the need to measure crown deity reduced. If you are still drunk, you should stop for a while first. On the bad side effects before the effects are apparently still "good" is. "Psst ... sometimes men who have libidonya increase, "bisik Ning.

According to Ning, in the process of healing the disease in the range of serious diseases or womb cancer, after the patient mengonsumsi seduhan crown of the gods can feel the body heat-cold, sometimes even removing the blood smell. "This is the process of cleaning the disease," write Ning.

Its use can be in the form of a single herb can also blend ingredients. "Mixing herbs with other drugs intended to strengthen khasiatnya and toxic menetralisir. Also to reduce the feeling is not easy way to do smth, "said Ning, who often claim to serve" prescription "written several doctors.

Efforts to use the healing herb crown of the gods, according to Ning, can not produce quick results. Need to be treated several times. Even for heavy chronic disease take long. Who needs to measure is the use must not exceed the recommended. If takarannya excess, unwanted effects can appear.

Must remember, young pregnant women are prohibited mengonsumsi crown of the gods. As quoted Ning, Sumastuti have also been able to prove crown of the god as a role oxytosin or sintosinon the working muscles can expedite the process so that the womb confinement. This can be dangerous to a pregnancy that is still young.

That is not less important, the message Ning, in the crown of the gods use the ingredients we recommended menyugesti or menyakinkan themselves that this potent herb, we pray for healing, and still visit a doctor for the development of our health. (summary)

Gentle recipe for Cancer

In the adults, to treat cancer (breast or womb) is not too severe, or just for the sake of prevention efforts, simply use one tablespoon herb IM diseduh with a glass of drinking water. Drink twice a day, morning and afternoon.

When serious disease, it is necessary to mix the ingredients racik crown of the gods and white turmeric IM. How, we boiled a tea spoon tea racik crown of the gods in three glasses of water to stay half water. Then, add one teaspoon of white turmeric IM. This herb drunk three times a day.

For a very serious disease dose was doubled or up to one tablespoon racik the crown of the gods. This treatment takes 3 - 6 months. After the patient was cured ingredients remain consumed with the dosage reduced.

Controlling diabetes

To prevent or treat disease diabetes that is not too serious need 3 - 5-piece tea racik boiled the crown of the gods in three glasses of water with three pieces of bay. Boiling water until done half live. This herb drunk three days to once a week. Meanwhile, to treat diabetes worse we boil the same way: tea spoon racik crown of the gods, and three pieces of bay. Herb drunk three times a day.

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